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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas at last!!!

I can't believe my last blog post was about having faith. I did - it came off already! Today I arrived in school and my beautiful children gave me a card where all of the parents had clubbed together and got me a £100 high street voucher. Now my other schools were both very different - they were both in deprived areas and I certainly received a lot of love from the kids but nothing like this! I couldn't help it - I cried a little. My boys will have presents from Santa after all!!!! 
Im overwhelmed by their generosity - although not in a deprived area they are far from wealthy and the level of organisation and sacrifice on each of their parts it must have taken has completely taken me aback. I also received some truly beautiful Bombki Christmas ornaments which I couldn't have even dreamed of owning. I have a thing about Christmas ornaments and have collected small ones for every year. They are like little memories hanging out for all to see. Far better then a photo they glisten and glow at Christmas full of the memories of Christmas past and living in the memory of the present. These delicate beautiful shepherds are so poignant right now to my life - the shepherds who had nothing were chosen by and trusted in God and wonderful things happened as a result. They looked to the star and knew there was something better out there for them. They were rewarded with the most amazing lives, blessed by the child and Gods love. A more perfect hope I couldn't wish to have. And now I get to look at that perfect hope hanging alongside the silver star I got for my son 6 years ago for his first Christmas and the gingerbread man I added for my youngest this year. 
I also got amazing candles, smellies and chocolate - I would love to keep these but in reality the candles would make a perfect gift for my SIL the room fragrance which is amazing will go to the MIL - another year I will luxuriate in these gifts for myself - this year I will luxuriate in being able to give.  Absolutely overwhelmed with emotion and love - so totally bowled over by their generosity. Its made me feel resolute to keep the faith in what I believe to be the right thing and I know everything will get better. Everything is going to be amazing. 


  1. What a lovely upbeat post. I'm so glad that you were blessed in this way. Teachers do an amazing job and I'm sure you're one of the good ones who your pupils clearly appreciate :) I hope you had a great christmas.

  2. Thanks Suzanne W - I have to say this could well be a change I stick to. Every gift I received (apart from the pjs I technically bought for myself but were a 'gift' from my children and husband) I re-gifted. It was liberating to see the joy these items bought to others whilst knowing that they contained double the love because they had been gifted to me. I was intitally worried it seemed ungrateful but later found that it was the ultimate in gratitude to like something so much and value it so much it was as if you had chosen it yourself. I still cannot believe how much my children in school influenced my Christmas and they will ever understand how much their gifts meant to me - without them my children wouldn't have had christmas. I am so lucky.